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Bob Hartmann on the importance of defining health beyond the physical

August 11, 2020

Bob Hartmann explains how his and many others’ formative experience in rural healthcare and community medicine with the Center for Health Services, Student Health Coalition, and Mountain People’s Health Councils—both as students and young professionals—left a lasting impact on their … Continued

Randy Hodges

November 8, 2019

Graduated Vanderbilt with a degree in civil engineering in 1975. Randy first worked with SHC helping to construct the Petros Health Clinic in 1973. He served as SHC Co-Director 1973-1974 and a community worker in Jacksboro, TN the summer of … Continued

Jack Beckford

August 9, 2019

One of the many Philosophy majors among SHC’s early community organizers, Jack graduated Vanderbilt in 1971, and spent the following summer working on Mud Creek, KY. He later founded the Georgia Agricultural Marketing Project after briefly working with the Solar … Continued

J. Thomas “Tom” John, M.D.

July 26, 2019

I am a bit late in getting my bio in, best done in the earlier stages of pending dotage. I am originally from Laurinburg NC a small farming and, then, textile community in the eastern part of the state. I … Continued

Bill Dow Papers, Southern Historical Collection, UNC Chapel Hill

August 24, 2018

Files document Dow’s professional career and consist chiefly of research files, administrative files, grant and project proposals, correspondence, reports, clippings, and a few other writings created or collected by Dow. Major topics include community organizing, community-institutional relations, public health accessibility … Continued

Diane Lauver

March 1, 2018

Profile: [Written by Diane Lauver, February 2018] Growing up, I was close to my paternal grandparents; they lived in a pastoral valley looking at Appalachian hills in a northern state. With their 8th grade educations and practical wisdom, they taught … Continued

Bob Hartmann

May 26, 2017

Profile: [Contributed by Bob Hartmann, February 2017] Rick Davidson has been badgering me for over a year to write a profile. Somehow he enlisted my wife, Mel Welsh, and now she is badgering me! As I read the profiles on … Continued