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  • Welmoet Spreij

    Profile: [Contributed by Welmoet Spreij, Amsterdam, 2017] I came to Nashville as a Dutch exchange-student in the fall of 1969 and took some classes at Vanderbilt University. While attending a course in philosophy, I came to know John Davis, Dick … Continued

  • Pete Moss

    [Contributed by Pete Moss and Jennifer Crane, March 2016] Dr. Pete Moss was raised on his maternal grandparents’ farm in Marshall County, Tennessee, while his father fought in World War II. As the eldest of his siblings, he learned responsibility, … Continued

  • Bill Corr

    Contributed by Bill Corr, September 2015 I am forever indebted to the Vanderbilt Student Health Coalition because my involvement put me on a career path that has enriched my life and given me the opportunity to serve our nation’s health … Continued

  • Marie Cirillo

    [Contributed by John Emmeus Davis, 2015] Marie Cirillo was born in Brooklyn in 1929.  Her father had emigrated from rural Italy.  Her mother had grown up in a small Catholic community in central Kentucky.  Every summer, her mother returned to … Continued

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  • Mo & Boomer

    On strip mining, community organization, and “[having] fun while trying to change the world.” Interview with Maureen O’Connell and Charles “Boomer” Winfrey, recorded at a May 2013 reunion of the Student Health Coalition in Nashville, Tennessee.  

  • “Liberté, Egalité, Frivolité”

    Contributed by John Emmeus Davis, 2015 At one emotional pole of the SHC experience was the gravity and ferocity of the organization’s founder, Bill Dow. He usually displayed little patience for peers whose personal commitment to SHC’s Appalachian mission was … Continued

  • A conversation with Martha Stucker

    An interview with Martha Stucker.

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