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Related People:

  • Eula Hall

    A self-described “Hillbilly Activist”, Eula was a former Appalachian Volunteer and the leader of the “Eastern Kentucky Welfare Rights Organization” which invited the Student Health Coalition to bring a health fair to Mud Creek, KY in the summer of 1971. … Continued

  • Jack Beckford

    One of the many Philosophy majors among SHC’s early community organizers, Jack graduated Vanderbilt in 1971, and spent the following summer working on Mud Creek, KY. He later founded the Georgia Agricultural Marketing Project after briefly working with the Solar … Continued

  • J. Thomas “Tom” John, M.D.

    I am a bit late in getting my bio in, best done in the earlier stages of pending dotage. I am originally from Laurinburg NC a small farming and, then, textile community in the eastern part of the state. I … Continued

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  • SHC in Mud Creek, Kentucky

    Contributed by Jack Beckford, with Assistance from Sara Platt Williams During the Fall of 1970, SHC was contacted by the Eastern Kentucky Welfare Rights Organization (EKWRO), centered in Floyd Co, KY. EKWRO was already doing organizing among low-income residents in … Continued

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