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  • Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)

    The Tennessee Valley Authority provided support to the Student Health Coalition early on, beginning in 1970.  A TVA van traveled to the Coalition health fairs and included x-ray, lab facilities, and staff to run it.  Retired TVA vans eventually served … Continued

  • Charles “Boomer” Winfrey

    After studying geology at the University of Tennessee and working as a geologist for one year, Boomer took a job as a community organizer with Save Our Cumberland Mountains (SOCM). As he later described his role: “They needed somebody with … Continued

  • Neil McBride

    From 1973-1978 Neil was a staff attorney for the East Tennessee Research Corp. He was a valuable institutional ally to many SHC related community efforts.   Related Stories:   Related Resources/Links:   Related People:

  • John Gaventa

    John Gaventa was born in Tennessee in 1949. He graduated from Vanderbilt University in 1971, was a Rhodes Scholar, and received his doctorate from Oxford University. In 1976, Gaventa began a grassroots adult educational program at Highlander Research and Education … Continued

  • Martha Stucker

    Martha was a Catholic nun and a registered nurse working in East Tennessee at the Clairfield clinic in 1969 when Bill Dow first encountered her and engaged her help in designing student-run health fairs.  She had been conducting primary care … Continued

  • Pat Kalmans

    Pat, while never officially part of the student workforce in SHC, was a major player in the early work of SOCM and ETRC.  She primarily worked on setting up and finding resources, including funding, for the Mountain People’s Health Clinics. … Continued

  • Maureen O’Connell

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  • East Tennessee Research Corporation (ETRC)

    Profile: [Contributed by John Williams and Neil McBride, September 2015.] As the members of the Student Health Coalition and the Vanderbilt Center for Health Services began working with health clinics, SOCM, the Tennessee Black Lung Association and other community-based organizations … Continued

  • Save Our Cumberland Mountains (SOCM)

    Profile: SOCM began in 1971, under the leadership of J.W. Bradley who sought fair taxation of absentee land corporations. They appealed to the Tennessee government, and won their first battle. Bolstered by their success, the organization then hoped to help … Continued