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Video: Bill Dow and Ayrshire Farm

May 1, 2017

Video hosted on YouTube. “Ayrshire Farm – Preserving Local Agriculture Preserving Community,” courtesy of the Triangle Land Conservancy. 2010.

Dana Ellis: Personal reflections

October 13, 2016

In this video clip, Dana Ellis reflects on her personal experiences as a student nurse working with community leaders in rural west Tennessee back in the early 1970s and how that work affected her career and her life.

Connecting the dots: from SHC to ACA

August 10, 2016

In 2013, just as the Affordable Care Act was about to get rolled out, Bill Corr took time out of his busy schedule as Deputy Secretary of Health and Human Services to reflect on the resonance between the Coalition work of forty years ago and … Continued

Nurse Practitioners, in the beginning…

August 2, 2016

Community leaders recognized early on the added value that expanded role nurses brought to the table.  In this video clip, community leaders Marie Cirillo and Betty Anderson recollect their efforts to lobby for legal changes that would support expanded role nurses.

SHC goes to West Tennessee in 1973

May 11, 2016

Dana Ellis discusses how she got involved and her experience with the first Student Health Coalition cohort to visit communities in West Tennessee in 1973.

1976 St. Charles Health Clinic, VA

April 1, 2016

After the 1975 health fair In St. Charles, Virginia, the local health council worked tirelessly to build a permanent clinic. By 1976, that clinic had opened to the public. And over time, it grew into a network of 12 regional … Continued

Pete Moss Reflects

March 21, 2016

On training nurses, reuniting with fellow Coalitioners, and being a non-conformist. Learn more about Pete Moss on his profile page. 

Carolyn Burr Reflects

March 7, 2016

Interview with Carolyn Burr, recorded at a 2013 Student Health Coalition reunion in Nashville, Tennessee. In this clip, Burr reflects on how the experience of working with the Coalition shaped her values and future career in nursing.